Specialised Lime Treatments in Glasgow and Edinburgh

We excel in providing lime-based treatments including lime pointing, lime washing, and lime harling, specifically crafted to meet the unique climatic challenges and architectural richness of Glasgow and Edinburgh. These treatments are indispensable for property owners, managers, and landlords seeking to maintain structural integrity while also ensuring a breathable and aesthetically pleasing protection.

Looking for stone lime treatments Near me in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Nearby?

We offer specialised lime treatments essential for structural and aesthetic upkeep.

Lime Pointing & Repointing

What Lime Pointing & Repointing Involves

Lime Pointing and repointing involves the meticulous process of renewing or filling the mortar joints between bricks or stones.

Advantages of Lime Pointing & Repointing Your Property

A lime-repointed wall not only gains increased structural stability but also improves its resistance to adverse weather conditions. The lime mortar is uniquely ‘breathable,’ allowing moisture to escape and reducing the potential for damp or water damage.

Lime Washing

What Lime Washing Involves

Lime washing entails applying a coat of lime wash to both protect and enhance the aesthetic quality of walls. The process is achieved by mixing lime and water and applying it to the surface via a brush or sprayer.

Advantages of Lime Washing Your Property

Lime-washed walls are not just visually pleasing but are also exceptionally functional. The lime provides a breathable surface that combats mould and improves air quality. The finish is environmentally friendly. Additionally, lime wash has a high pH level, deterring pests like wood-boring beetles and acting as a natural steriliser for your walls.

Lime Harling

What Lime Harling Involves

Lime Harling involves applying a textured coat of lime render to exterior walls, typically using a flicking motion, to offer a robust and weather-resistant surface. The technique is particularly prevalent in Scotland and is known for its durability and visual appeal.

Advantages of Lime Pointing & Repointing Your Property

Lime harling delivers a highly durable finish that is exceedingly resistant to adverse weather conditions. Much like other lime-based applications, it is ‘breathable,’ facilitating moisture escape and reducing dampness. Additionally, its alkaline nature makes it unfavourable for mould, bacteria, and certain types of pests, offering a healthier external environment for your property.

Our Lime Treatments Process Overview

Irrespective of whether you’re opting for Lime Pointing & Repointing, Lime Washing, or Lime Harling, the journey begins with a thorough evaluation. Our professionals assess your property’s unique requirements, determining which lime-based treatment would be most effective.

Tailored Planning
Based on the findings of the initial consultation, we design a bespoke plan that aligns with your specific needs. This plan includes choosing the most suitable lime mixture, calculating the estimated cost, and laying out a timeline for project completion. Whether it’s renewing mortar joints, enhancing wall aesthetics, or rendering external walls, the plan will be tailored to your chosen service.

Expert Execution
The actual execution phase is carried out by our highly skilled tradespeople. The aim is to deliver a flawless application that not only beautifies but also strengthens your property. The type of execution will depend on the service you have chosen:

For Lime Pointing & Repointing: Renew or fill in the mortar joints between bricks or stones.

For Lime Washing: Apply a consistent coat of lime wash using a brush or sprayer.

For Lime Harling: Apply a textured coat of lime render to the exterior walls using a flicking motion.

Final Quality Assessment
After the work is done, we conduct an in-depth review to ensure that the service aligns perfectly with our stringent quality criteria. Any deviations are corrected posthaste to guarantee that the project upholds our exacting standards for both visual appeal and structural integrity.

What sets lime pointing in Glasgow and Edinburgh apart from regular pointing?

In the unique climates of Glasgow and Edinburgh, where moisture and rain are frequent, lime pointing offers a distinct advantage. Unlike cement-based mortars, lime-based mortar is breathable and allows for effective moisture management. This makes it ideal for the many historic and older buildings prevalent in these cities, enhancing both structural integrity and breathability.

How long does lime washing in Glasgow and Edinburgh last?

Considering the more humid and wet climates of Glasgow and Edinburgh, a well-applied lime wash can last around 5 to 10 years. The breathability of lime wash makes it an excellent choice for moisture control, especially in these cities where dampness can be a concern. Over time, lime washing naturally patinates, lending your property a beautiful, aged appearance that complements the historic atmosphere of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Is lime harling suitable for all types of buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh?

Lime harling is particularly beneficial for Glasgow and Edinburgh’s historic or older buildings. Its breathable nature allows moisture to evaporate, reducing dampness and offering long-lasting protection. Given the region’s unique climates, lime harling provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish that complements the traditional architecture of these cities. For modern buildings, it’s advisable to consult a specialist to assess if lime harling meets your specific needs.

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If you’re based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or the surrounding regions and contemplating lime treatments for your property, we warmly invite you to consult with our expert team. Let’s collaborate to ensure your home’s structural and aesthetic needs are met to the highest of standards.